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Travel Coverage

Who needs Travel Medical Insurance?

Health insurance coverage with an employer, through Medicare or individually often, does not cover any medical treatment needed while you are out of the US. When there is coverage, it is usually limited to $25,000. So if you travel out of the country often or need coverage for one trip - you should consider carrying a travel medical plan.

Common situations that would require a travel medical plan include

  • Vacations - guided tours, cruising, or any trip outside of the US medical system
  • Visitors - If you have family or a visitor from another country, they would need medical care coverage while they are in the US
  • Students - While studying abroad, you would need Medical coverage
  • Business travelers - Coverage while you are traveling
  • Expat coverage

Travel medical insurance can provide the coverage you need. To get a quote for coverage through IMG, please use the following links or give me a call to help guide you to the plan that works for your situation

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