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Short-Term Health

Individual Health coverage - you have two options

One option - HEALTHCARE EXCHANGE which provides you with full preventative care coverage and depending on income you may receive a subsidy to help pay for coverage and unlimited lifetime benefits.

Second Option - Short term or Temporary Health coverage - These plans will have less preventative benefits, will include exclusions for pre-existing conditions and limits on benefits. However, this option is available if you missed open enrollment for the Healthcare Exhange or if you are okay with less coverage because the costs will be lower.

Healthcare exchange - During open enrollment each year from Nov 1 to December 15th. You may sign up for individual health coverage through the Healthcare exchage (aka As a licensed agent, I can help you navigate these option using an easy to use quote and enroll portal called Healthsherpa. Please use this link to get a quote with rates for all carriers, check if you can get help paying for this coverage through a subsidy and even enroll. If you get stuck just give me a call and I can review your application, make sure you understand the benefits and even complete your application for you by phone.

If you missed open enrollment, you are between plans or you just want a lower premium for less coverage and are in good health, you have the option of using a short term health plan for coverage. Below are carriers I recommend you consider. If you have a favorite doctor - please give me a call at 713-498-6800 and I'll check these networks for you. Pivot has a plan that does not use a network so you can go to any doctor. – so best if your doctor is not in networks.

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