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Medicare Part D -Prescription Drug Plans

In 2024 Medicare Part D plans are improving! There are still 4 phases of coverage.

Phase 1 - Deductible phase - If your plan has a deductible often just for brand name medicines, you will first meet this deductible.

Phase 2 - Initial Coverage phase - After any deductible has been satisfied, you will pay a copayment for each prescription until your copayments, plus the medicien costs paid by your insurance company reach a total of $5,030.

Phase 3 - Coverage Gap phase - Also known as the donut hole. After your prescription costs reach $5,030, you enter this phase and will pay 25% of the cost for brand name and some generic medicines.

Phase 4 - Catastrophic coverage phase - After you have paid $8,000 in prescription costs you enter the final phase and pay nothing for covered medicines.

Hankins Insurance Services prescription drug plans provide you with practical alternatives and make managing your costs for medications less of a challenge. We offer a range of Medicare Part D coverage options to Sugar Land, Missouri City and Houston residents that help cover the cost of your medications and ensure you benefit from maximum savings.

Choosing your Plan

Consult with the Hankins Insurance Services prescription drug coverage advisers to determine which plan is right for your needs. Depending on the type of medication you are required to take, in addition to benefits provided by Medicare Part A and Part B, seniors in Sugar Land, Missouri City and Houston who require extra coverage for medications can learn more about our Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans by calling us to determine which plan would be most beneficial to them.

Sifting Through the Many Options

Comparing plans and understanding all of the options you require can be overwhelming. Hankins Insurance Services prescription drug plan experts examine the different coverage choices with you to ensure you choose the most appropriate and cost effective drug plan according to your needs. We work closely with seniors during enrolment season to review drug pharmacy pricing in Sugar Land, Missouri City and Houston and compare the many plans available.

With a list of your medicines and your favorite pharmacy name, we can run a quote specific to your situation to see which of the many part D plans available will work best for you!

The Advantages of Consulting with a Hankins Insurance Services Prescription Drug Plan Adviser

Help with comparing premiums

Review each of your options by comparing the varying costs for premiums that cover the drugs you need.

Calculate additional out-of-pocket expenses

Hankins Insurance Services factors in additional costs for deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance for drugs covered on each plan. We help you determine the level of coverage you need weighed against premium costs in each plan.

Review the formulary

Our experienced advisers explain the list of medications in Medicare part D and help you determine the total cost of all your prescription drugs to maximize savings.

If you have any questions about the plans that we offer or which one best fits your situation, then please feel free to contact us at 713-498-6800 or

Book a Medicare Appointment

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 11 Medicare organizations which offer 83 plans in your area. Please contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options.