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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Although Medicare pays for about 80% of your health care costs. Medicare supplemental plans (sometimes referred to as Medigap) are available to fill in the gaps where Medicare insurance alone does not cover your costs. The experienced Hankins Insurance Services health insurance experts can answer your questions about out-of-pocket costs and Medicare Supplement premiums and ensure you are fully protected. For a handy guide to show what coverage is provided by original medicare and what would be provided by a supplement or medigap plan. Please turn to page 76 of your Medicare & You book. To download or order a copy please visit

Medical Costs Not Paid By Medicare

Consisting of two basic parts, Medicare Part "A" provides certain hospital services; while Part "B" refers to coverage for visits to a doctor's office as an outpatient and is subject to additional paid premiums. Gaps in the coverage within both Parts can result in thousands of dollars of extra medical expenses. An affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance plan will cover the cost of medical expenses not paid by Medicare.

Extra Insurance Protection Means More Benefits

Medicare supplement plans are recognized wherever basic Medicare is accepted, and Medicare Supplement insurance plans allow you to choose your own doctor or specialist (who accepts Medicare patients) and may also enable you to coordinate billing services with your basic Medicare plan to streamline processing and save time.

A medicare supplement (Medigap) plan will also allow you the freedom to see any doctor in any state that has agreed to accept Medicare. So a great solution for individuals who travel often to other states.

Original Medicare and any Supplement you may purchase does not cover Dental, Vision, Hearing or most Long-term care needs. For these benefits you may want to consider a insurance plans that do cover these additional needs.

Dental and Vision coverage

Dental preventative care, filings, crowns, dentures and inplants are very expensive and often become necessary as we age. Whether you need dentures or just a regular cleaning, it is an important expense which should not be overlooked. Prices range from $12 for a discount plan to $99 for the most comphrensive dental plan with $5,000 in coverage. The most common plans are about $50 per month.

If you find that your eyesight is not what it used to be, then being able to see an ophthalmologist or optometrist is necessary for you to keep your quality of life.

Many dental plans now also include additional coverage at a very low cost for vision exams and glasses.

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Coverage while Traveling

Not all plans cover you in different areas or while you travel. If you are planning to enjoy retirement with travel outside of the United States then having this coverage is a necessity. Please visit our travel page for this important coverage